Universal airbag crash cleaner
This is Universal airbag crash-data cleaner. If your airbags have been deployed and airbag warning lamp flashing it means that crash-data was stored in your airbag ECU. And even after all airbag components have been replaced it will not work properly until crash-data from your airbag ECU will be cleared. We are offering you FAST, EASY and LOW PRICE way to clear crash-data! All you have to do is read your airbag ECU EEPROM (may be emulated in MCU) memory dump using CarProg or any other programmer and upload it to this cleaner. Our web service will clear crash-data and send you cleared file automatically in a matter of minutes.

  • More than 1300 airbag ECUs supported CLICK TO SEE FULL LIST
  • No registration required
  • Instant reply
  • Opening discount - 50%


How to use cleaner?

  1. Enter your airbag module part number

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    How to obtain part number?
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  2. Choose your airbag module from the list

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  3. Upload crashed file

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  4. If crash data was found pay with paypal and get your file immediately

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